3 Tips to Avoid Your Aquarium Dying


Owning a pet fish is a great way to nurture something for you. It allows you to create a world of your own with sufficient flora and fauna. You can buy the best filter for your fish tank and get half of the water changing responsibilities lifted right away. You will need to properly maintain it though to get the most out of your fish tank. You can also do some of the following to stop your aquarium from withering out.

  1. Conditioning your Water.

This is the most crucial task and should be done before putting your fish in the tank. You will need to condition your water with the help of a pH kit and gravel. You will need to check the nitrate levels and the ammonia levels of the water along with the pH level. Fresh water fishes generally thrive in pH levels 6.6 to 7.8.


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  1. Never over feed your fish.

You can never starve a fish and hence, feeding it once a day is more than enough. A decent amount of flakes makes for the best food for most fishes. If the fish you own is a bottom feeder, you may consider feeding them pellets. Do not feed more than what a fish can eat at a time. Excess food is not only unhealthy but can lead to death in case of some fishes.

  1. Managing light density.

One of the more challenging parts of maintaining aquarium is maintaining constant algae content. Algae are a type of plant that thrives on light. Hence, providing sufficient amount of light to the plant should also be a priority.


These were some tips to make your aquarium more healthy and clean. You have the ability to buy the best filter for aquarium through online ordering now.