Cook County Residents Find Comfort in Saranow Law Group

Saranow Law Group is a Chicago based law firm focusing mainly on property tax appeals and closings.

Founded by William L. Saranow with the aim of providing unparalleled legal services to the residents of Illinois,  the law firm deals with The Cook County property tax appeals which give the Cook County residents a chance to correct any error in their property tax card and re-assess it.

What is a Property Tax?

In simple words, Property Tax is the tax levied on real estate.

Real Estate Tax Attorney

Now, what is a Property Tax Appeal?

If you feel that the tax imposed on your property is higher than it should be, then you can file a property tax appeal at the tax tribunal, either yourself or through a third party, that is, an attorney or a law firm. If the appeal is successful, you can save big!

Saranow’s role in The Cook County Property Tax Appeal

As discussed earlier, Cook County residents can demand correction for the imposition of higher taxes which may be due to incorrect assessment of the property value, so the Real Estate Tax Attorney encourages the Cook County residents to appeal in such cases.

To know about the different types of tax appeals, check below:

To be able to appeal, the residents must know how the Cook County taxes work. It is important to understand how the tax on your property determined is. The tax rate is assessed by the city’s municipal corporation or the government in every three years, and any inaccuracy in the tax rate can lead to appeals. Therefore, the appeal is on the assessed value and not on the property tax. Another thing to keep in mind is the property tax appeals deadline which is listed on the Cook County Assessor’s website.