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The handbag for women is an accessory with a long tradition. As early as the 15th and 16th centuries, women wore bags that were attached to the belt by chains or straps and hung from there. In the 18th century, the Pompadour, also known as Ridicule, was a fashionable accessory. This bag was mostly made of silk and closed by two cords. These served as a handle and as a shoulder strap. In the 18th century, the shape of the handbag changed. The handbags for ladies were now mainly made of leather and had a metal frame, which gave them similarity with a small suitcase. From the 19th century, the handbag finally settled. Now their appearance became more diverse.

diophy hobo bags

Different pockets for every need:

The popularity of the handbag has not changed. She is a perfect combination partner for every style of dress. The sizes and shapes can vary greatly. The handbag is one of the classics among the handbags for ladies. It has two shorter handles, which are carried in the hand or over the arm flexion. In 1956, the film icon Grace Kelly was given a great deal of popularity.The shoulder bag is the oldest pocket shape. It has a long strap and is hung over the shoulder, which is why it is also called a shoulder bag. The belt can run straight down as well as across the body when worn. Shoulder bags are offered in many different variations.The clutch is an elegant addition to the stylish evening outfit. The small pocket is clasped by hand and can be square, rectangular or tube-shaped. Diophy hobo bags have the entire range of various beautiful handbags.


Diophy bags have exclusive handbags collection for the lady of the world. Diophy has a complete range of bags that meets every need of every lady. They have included Tote Handbags, Evening Bags, Cross-Body Handbags, Hobo Bags, Frame Bags, Wallet and Structured Hand Bags.