Is it illegal to purchase counterfeit luxurious watches like Rolex replica watches?

Why are people crazy about luxurious items?

People often want to carry luxurious items like purse or watches but they are unable to bear the huge cost. Luxurious things are known for their different design and look it gives to you. People are crazy about it so they start looking for cheap option through which they can gain the product. In every place, you can find a market which is famous for counterfeit and knockoff items. Also, many online sites are famous for selling counterfeit or knockoff products like Rolex replica watches or Prada purses.

What is the difference between the knockoff products and counterfeit products?

Knockoff products are anexact copy of the luxurious good but the label of the company may differ or you may get some different label. The quality of the product may also vary with the original product. On the other hand, counterfeit goods are the exact copy of the product with the exact label of the company. The quality of the good may vary. So counterfeit goods are costlier than knock off products.

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Is purchasing acounterfeit product or knockoff product is illegal?

The answer is No. Purchasing counterfeit or knockoff goods like Panerai replica watches or Gucci pursesis not illegal but selling such good is illegal. Police may catch you if you indulge in selling such products.Also, customers are at stake as counterfeit products or knock off product quality may not be good as compared to the original product.

Also, theseller may charge more money to the customer as no one knows the real price of the product. So it is not good for the customer to purchase goods from these markets. They can opt for thegray market rather.

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