Some of the Unknown Facts about Diamonds

We all love to wear diamond as it is indeed the most precious stone available on this planet. But, have you ever thought about doing a small study regarding diamonds? Most of you will not do that, but it is really interesting to know about diamonds. Thus, today we will talk about some of the unknown facts which you should know.

The unknown facts about diamonds

Majority of the people doesn’t know about diamonds, these unknown facts. The main reason is that, when we go to diamond jewelry or accessory makers like Lugano Diamonds or anybody else, they don’t tell us about these facts. Below mentioned are some of the interesting facts regarding diamonds:

  • The age of diamonds are billions of years old according to studies, which may also extend to about thrice in many cases.
  • They are the hardest substance available naturally. This means, if you have to scratch a diamond, you would need another diamond to do so.
  • The name “diamonds” came from the word “Adamas,” which in Greek means indestructible or invincible.
  • Diamonds actually exist miles below the Earth’s surface. But, these diamonds are brought up through the different volcanic eruptions taking place.

Is it really required to know these interesting facts?

This depends on how you think or how your perspective is. Many won’t care at all and just go to vendors or companies making a diamond product, for example, Lugano Diamonds, and get their product done. While others, who have the interest to learn about these facts, will surely require knowing these to increase their scope of knowledge.

Also, if you do want to cross check whether these are true, then do not go to any diamond maker like Lugano Diamonds and ask them. Probably even they don’t have ideas on these. Rather, going to Google and asking for help might be of great importance to you. Anyway, hopefully, you have learned something new and true about the facts of diamonds.