The season of Joy

Remembering the son of god

Christmas- a season of great joy and merry; a time that that we remember the almighty and everything he does to show his love to us. The time that we celebrate the birth of Christ, the son of god. His birth brought great joy to the world and it is this joy that we try to recreate and spread when the holiday season comes to engulf us in a tide of merry.


The prophets had told of his coming hundreds of years before he actually arrived. Everyone had waited his long awaited arrival and finally when he did; shepherds, angels and wise men; everyone rejoiced and shared in the excitement of his birth. Jesus Christ’s birth and his life after that has now become part of history and has etched into the ethos of mankind an era that has changed everything for the better. Truth, love and hope is what the story of Christ is all about. He brought us salvation, for without him we would all drown in our sins. Christmas is truly a time that we can really be happy for we know that we are the children of Christ no matter what happens. We become the sons and daughters of god and thank the Christ for the price that he paid for the sins that we committed. Christmas is a time to invite Jesus Christ into our hearts and celebrate the true meaning of being a Christian and of being a human.

No harm in Christmas stocking kits

We need to understand the true meaning of Christmas and the true meaning of saying merry Christmas in order to celebrate it in the right way. We need to make sure that not only are we basking in the joy and the merry of our times but are also spreading it and spreading the message of Christ. But that does not mean we should stop from enjoying the Christmas and revelling in all its festivities. We are more than allowed to indulge ourselves and find some bucilla kits to build our own stockings and hang them around the house to bring home the Christmas spirit. But we need to remember, it’s not about the bucilla, it’s about the spirit of Christmas.